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Star brite®

Ultimate Corrosion Blocker 22oz

Ultimate Corrosion Blocker 22oz

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Star brite®’s ULTIMATE Corrosion Blocker with PTEF® was created to deliver the most effective protection for all metal surfaces.

Unlike aerosol protectants that are either runny or create a gooey, sticky mess, Ultimate Corrosion Blocker quickly cures to form an invisible, tack-free and durable finish. The formula will not harm wiring, paint, or wrapped surfaces. It delivers long-term protection for engine blocks, frames, wheels, spokes, tools, trailers, and all other painted, bare, or polished metal surfaces.



  • Creates an invisible, non-sticky barrier against corrosion
  • Non-aerosol formula is safe for all painted, chromed and bare metal surfaces
  • Polymers bond to treated surfaces to help repel moisture, dirt, grime, and more
  • Easy to use; spray on and let dry
  • Ideal for protecting bikes as well as cars, trucks, tools, trailers, and all other metal surfaces



Shake bottle before use. Spray directly onto surface to be shielded. Wipe up any overspray with a paper towel or a cloth. Use as needed to maintain a barrier against moisture and corrosion.


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