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Salt-Away® Professional Strength Spray 16oz

Salt-Away® Professional Strength Spray 16oz

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Ensure years of reliable service from your equipment!

The Salt-Away Professional Strength Spray is designed for direct spray applications on stubborn areas where salt has accumulated. Spray on and let rest for a few minutes. Removes heavy accumulation and can be used for maintenance on smaller items, additional applications may be required. Perfect for off-road recovery hardware and fishing reels, rods, and tackle.

Uses for sea water and sea air applications:

  • Hand tools
  • Gauge and meter housings
  • Printed circuit boards and other electrical connections
  • Off-road, camping, and fishing gear
  • Beach chairs and umbrellas
  • Trailer and OTR trucking equipment
  • Hardware, locks, canvas snaps, and zippers
  • Underwater equipment and cameras
  • Switches, valves, and fittings
  • Diving regulators, masks, and goggles
  • Recessed bolts, rivets, metal connectors


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