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Salt-Away® 32oz Concentrate Kit with Mixing Unit

Salt-Away® 32oz Concentrate Kit with Mixing Unit

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Ensure years of reliable service from your equipment! Use with our Underbody Rinse Wand to get under your rig easy!

A simple freshwater flush or washdown is only partially effective at removing salt crystals that can lead to corrosion. Salt-Away takes salt removal to the next level. This non-toxic and biodegradable solution mixes with freshwater to dissolve salt deposits. Use it for boat, trailer, truck, and car washdowns after use in or near saltwater or salt air environments, especially after off-road and beach driving. Also use for flushing marine engines, washing fishing gear, hardware, automotive and boat covers, and much more.

This Salt-Away Concentrate Kit serves as an ideal starter kit and includes a mixing unit and 32oz of solution. Simply connect the mixing unit to a garden hose, fill the reservoir, and begin to spray. No scrubbing is required and rinsing with freshwater is optional. The mixing unit dilutes and mixes the Salt-Away solution to the correct ratio for optimal performance. Salt-Away is also available in concentrate only refill bottles for use with existing Salt-Away mixing units.

Uses for sea water and sea air applications:

  • 30-second engine flushes
  • Over-heating engine correction
  • Trailer and truck brake washdown
  • Off-road and camping gear
  • Trailer and OTR trucking equipment and hardware
  • Beach chairs and umbrellas
  • Diving & fishing gear
  • Sails, sail covers, line, and rigging hardware
  • Seaside home maintenance such as A/C units and patio furniture​
  • Metal hinges, hardware, gates, fencing
  • Use with pressure washer

Road and other industrial salt removal applications:

  • Cars, Trucks, RVs
  • Salt Trucks, Snow Plows
  • Lawns, Foliage, Landscaping
  • Exhaust Systems
  • Janitorial
  • Vehicle Wash Facilities


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