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360 Crispy™ Cook&Carve

360 Crispy™ Cook&Carve

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Perfected by generations of food service professionals, this unique roasting rack offers innovative versatility. Keeping the bird horizontal and out of the pan allows it to develop that beautiful golden brown crispy skin all the way around!


Juices stay in breast, making a juicier bird, while drippings collect neatly under the roast preventing the bottom from getting soggy. Frees up space in the pan to add more veggies. Use with chicken, turkey and other poultry, beef, veal, lamb, and other roasts, vegetables, and more! Use in the oven, grill, or smoker! You can even carve directly on the 360 Crispy!


Elegant design is super simple to clean by hand, but also dishwasher safe. No welds, creases, crevasses, anywhere for bacteria to hide. No moving parts! Manufactured from one solid piece of food grade stainless steel in the USA.


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