Turbo XJ at the Roll Races

Turbo XJ at the Roll Races

Today marks the first outing of the Turbo XJ in about two years and a good test of the new independent front suspension system, which will get its own write-up soon. In terms of engine and driveline, it is mostly the same configuration it ran during its 10.44 1/4 mile time. A few key differences being a new solid flat tappet cam from Newcomer racing, a bit less boost (21psi, down from 28psi) and E85 instead of M5 methanol. It ran for a total of four 1/3 mile rolling start races starting at 65mph, and reached a maximum speed of 138mph, 140.4mph, and 140.8mph. On the last run, I did not bother to see the speed as I was hauling a bit of extra weight in the form of a passenger. The Jeep was well mannered cruising around the road coarse section of the track, and rock steady on the straights. 

It seamlessly blends in with its competitors.


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Looking forward to more writings from you. I am almost done with a YJ- not built for speed, lol. But I’ve Dyno’ed it a few times.

But with a spare 258 engine, looking at making a street XJ- maybe stroker, electric water pump, fan, etc. Would like to do ITB’s- up in the air if F.I. or DCOE. I’m currently thinking of copying Rick Mudge’s build, but I’m digging some of your ideas!!!!

Phineas Gehl

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