36-1 Crank Trigger kits

36-1 Crank Trigger kits

This is a 36-1 Crank trigger kit I've designed myself in order to work with any aftermarket ECU. This is a factory replacement damper with the trigger pattern milled directly into it, negating the need to affix and align a bolt on trigger wheel. After machinining, the dampers are rebalanced. Comes with an 1/8" thick steel sensor bracket which attaches to two of your oil pan bolts. Also includes an adjustable Cherry HALL effect sensor. Custom patterns also available upon request.

Installed Crank trigger kit

Wiring the Cherry Hall Sensor

Depending on your ECU, a pull-up resistor may be required. This is a resistor that is connected between the sensor power wire and the output signal wire. For installs using a 5v power supply for the sensor, a 1kΩ resistor is required. For a 12v supply, a 2.4kΩ resistor is required. It is important that the sensor ground wire be grounded at the ECU to reduce the risk of interference. An air gap of .060" between the sensor and trigger wheel teeth is recommended.
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